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Optical and Infrared Pyrometry
Reference Material

The following is a list of reference texts that we have found to be helpful to those who are interested in learning more about the technology behind optical and infrared pyrometry. If a book is listed as being in print on this list, that means that to the best of our knowledge, it was in print at the time that this list was prepared in April of 2000. We suggest that the student use the well known web site www.bookfinder.com to locate books that are out of print. Also, at bookfinder.com try typing in "pyrometry" or "infrared" to see if there are other texts that are of interest.

Theory and Practice of Radiation Thermometry
Edited by: DeWitt and Nutter
Publisher: Wiley, New York, 1988
Contents: Optical and infrared pyrometry
Status: In print

Applications of Radiation Thermometry
Edited by: Richmond and DeWitt
Publisher: ASTM, Philadelphia, 1986
Contents: Infrared thermometry
Status: In print

Temperature Its Measurement and Control in Science and Industry
Vol. 4 Part 3

Edited by: Harmon H. Plumb
Publisher: ISA (Instrument Society of America) Pittsburgh, 1972
Contents: Optical and infrared pyrometry
Status: Out of print

Infrared Radiation
Author: Henry L. Hackforth
Publisher: McGraw-Hill, New York, 1960
Contents: Principals of infrared radiation
Status: Out of print

The Infrared Handbook
Zuthor: Wolfe and Zissis
Publisher: Environmental Research Institute of Michigin
Contents: Infrared Radiation and blackbody theory
Status: In print

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